Time is Almost Over!

Have you realized, one day, an angel came to you and said, “Time is almost over!”. What is imagined in your mind? What is spontaneous action that will you do? Improving the quality of life or doing a worship?

Haha šŸ˜€

Don’t worry! An angel just remain you that your destitute period will be ended, you will be an abundance of wealth.

Okay, Cheese it! Let’s back to the line!

I just want to tell you that the one sentence that you hear has a different interpretation for each circle. So, you should have empathy to hear from the heart. You need not only positive thinking but also positive feeling to understand in different side.


When someone lured his girl,

“Oh My God! Million Stars in the sky, but just one in a million Moon. I hope you understand, baby. You’re my moon!”

“Really? I know that I look like a moon, ugly and rough-skinned lady. Armcray!!!!!”

“That’s not what I mean….”

By. Riri


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