Keen-witted Donkey

“Hey, Donkey!! what are you doing?”

“I’d like to say Hello to my Fans….”


Hi, Let me introduce about my self..

My name is Tippicato “Dick” Donkey. Just call  me Dick! Okay…I was born in Dinara Dreamland on January 24, 2006 (so, today is my birthday..olala)…

My father is Donkey, my mother is Donkey, and of course I am Donkey…haha…I am one in a million Son (I am the one and only son that my parents have).

Many people judge me and my family as a foolish. Oh my God, that isn’t really I am. I’ll spill the beans to you…It’s about my life and my land.

Actually we’re not foolish!!!

Homer and Aesop are the cause. They judge us as stupid animals, slaves, and stubborn on their Literature. Ancient Greek society believe it. Then, they insult us and always compare us with horses…how pathetic am I?

But it nothing more than Bad Appraisal…Horse is indeed faster than us, but we also have an advantage, we are stronger. Am I right?

I am a Big Ears Animal

I hear…I learn…and I touch your heart…I never complain to hear people’s babble and chatter. I keep to work hard to make human be happy. I always grateful to be born as Dick Donkey…lalala

Dinara Dreamland, My Home sweet Home…

Dinara Dreamland is the low-lying land, surrounded by a million trees and flowed by a crystal clear and airy river. We live in peace and prosperity….but, some of us are arrogant creatures that make mischief…

I’ll greet you next time…and tell you anything…I’ll spill the beans, sure!

Have a nice day…(By. Dick)


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