My Guitar’s Melody

Melody can soothe feeling..Melody can jazz up the loneliness soul..Melody can treat the wounded heart..

My life is a part of my sweet melody..

The flicks fingers are delighted to pluck the strings. And, the strings are vying to come up with a beautiful melody. Tone harmonies have uplifting the soul. They come to inspiring…

Not only your heart but also my heart need these melody. When I feel bored, melody can be ridiculous thing. When I need friends, melody can be loyal friend. When I am lonely, melody always enliven my life. When melody need me, what can I do for my melody?

Of course, my melody only requires a simple thing. Melody is not a hassle. Melody only wants that I am Happy…

Have you find your sweet melody?

(By. Riri Armen)


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