Go to Hatyai

Hat Yai is a city in South Thailand, near border of Malaysia. Hat Yai located in Songkhla province. I’ve several times to trip to Hatyai with my close friends. At that time I was educated in Kedah (malaysia state), where I just need 15 minutes to reach the border of Thailand from my University..

Do you know, i just spent about 300 Baht (or 90.000 Rupiah) to around Hat Yai (without shopping)..

I will let you know about our cheapest traveling…

First, we arrive in border of Thailand, check my passport. Then, we get “van” to go to night market. I spent 55 Baht.

I purposely arrived in Hat Yai at night, because at night on weekends opened the night market that sells cheaper clothes and delicious food, in Green Way and Pethai (i spell like that 🙂 )..

Tired after around night market, we agreed to find hotels in the area of ​​Lee Garden. We go to Lee Garden by Tuk Tuk (we just spent 20 Baht in every service per self).

As you know, we can get ‘good’ facility hotel by 450 Baht, you can share with 2 of your friends. So, you just spent 150 Baht..

Then, we continue shopping in Plasa. It is better if you go there in the morning, because in their tradition the first visitors should not go without carrying groceries from their shop, they can sell in cheapest price. 🙂

And then..we search for Moeslem food (difficult to find ‘halal food’ in Thai)..But, once a tried to Thai cuisine you’ll be ‘hooked’ to taste it more.

Oh God…Hat Yai is really dining and shopping paradise..

This car can drive you to go everywhere in Hat Yai..




No need spent much money to satisfy your desire to travel…

By. Riri Armen


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